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 International Event world hockey Two Rules Changes for Hockey from 1st January 2003
9 December 2002 - for Immediate release
Two Rules Changes for Hockey from 1st January 2003

The FIH Executive Board has approved two rules changes proposed by the Hockey Rules Board, at its meetings which took place this
week in Perth , Australia . Formally these changes are Mandatory Experimental Rules and apply throughout hockey. This means their
impact on the game will be closely monitored. they will be introduced for international competitions for one year with effect from first
January 2003 . National hockey associations will have the discretionary powers to decid when to implement the changes in their domestic leagues and competitions. 
The first change allows a defender to save a shot at goal which is above shoulder height. at present only goalkeepers are permitted to
play the ball with any part of their sticks when it is above shoulder height. this will continue to apply to general play throughout  the
field but the change means that defenders can use their stick to stop or deflect a high shot at goal as long as they do so safely . it terms
of the sporting challenge of scoring goals in the one instance and saving them in the other this is much fairer
The second change means it will  no longer be necessary for attackers to stop the ball before tacking a shot at goal at a penalty corner
However,the ball will still have to travel outside the circle before a shot can be taken all other requirements for tacking a penalty corner
continue to apply
Peter Cohen, FIH Secretary General , said" this is all part of our aim of making the game easier to understand. The penalty corner change will make the game more enjoyable to play and watch without altering the overall nature of the penalty corner which is unique
to hockey".
Former olympic player, captain,coach and manager of Pakistan and now member of the Hockey rukes board, Islahuddin ,commented
that " allowing defenders to save a high shots is much fairer . Iam especially pleased that the penalty corner change will lead to more
attacking variations. this will make penalty corners even interesting and exciting "
These changes are consistent with the objective of the hockey Rules Board (HRE) specifically and the FIH more generally of simplifying the rules where  appropriate teh HRB is also re-writing them in clearer language. the aimis to introduce revised set of rules
from 1 January 2004. there after the rules will be publish with an annual impementation date of 1 January to enable everyone involved
in the game (including the FIH in relation to its international copmetitions) to plan to a fixe schedule.
A 2003 set of Rules will not therfore be published in the middle of the coming year instead a small supplement will be produced to confirm that the 2002 Rule continue to apply subject both the changes referred to above.
For further information please contact ... Steven Morris